Thursday, January 12, 2006

So many toys, so little time!


Pamela MacElree said...



Did you workout today, to celebrate? Ha ha.

See you at the Boot Camps.


Chase said...

I noticed the boot camps, but are any fee's that would allow someone to just use the facility? I have been doing the cross fit workouts for some time, but have a hard time finding the right tools to do the workouts. I was hoping to come check out the facility this week. Would anyone be there over the weekend? Thanks.

Chase Derbin

Jason C. Brown said...


We don't advertise drop ins on the site but you're more than welcome to stop by at anytime. Just let us know when you want to stop since we not always available.

Call us at 215 248 2130

Keisha said...

Thanks Pamela. Yes, I did work out--did some heavy
fork lifting. Can't wait for Boot Camp!