Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Try this out.

Snatch 10L/10R
Swing 20
Alligator Walk 20 Feet.
Snatch 9L/9R
Swing 18
Alligator Walk 20 Feet.
Snatch 8L/8R
Swing 16
Alligator Walk 20 Feet.

For time:


CrossFitCS said...

alligator walk??

Jason C. Brown said...

I can't describe it in words. Imgaine a seal crawling across the floor using only his front flippers.

Jason C. Brown said...

you can sub push-ups for those.

Jerry Hill said...

Jason and Pamela,
How was the seminar?!

Oh, and 'low crawl' comes to mind with your description Jason ;)

Pamela MacElree said...


The seminar was great! The altitude was horrible. The workouts were brutal. I would do it again in an instant and hope to be at one next year.

For the alligator walk also invision being propped up on your hands with your arms extended, your back is arched, your knees stay off the ground, and you walk on your hands and toes.

Jason C. Brown said...


Much different than the low crawl us Jarheads are used to. Brutal none the less.