Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday Workout

Just a reminder that we'll be having a workout this Saturday at 10am, all are welcome to attend. It's a charity workout for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Donations are ranging from $10 to $112. Here's the perfect chance to get an extra workout in this week and help a great cause.


30 Snatches
30 Push Ups
30 Upright Rows
3 Rounds

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Brian M said...

Couldn't make the gym today, duty calls. So, I did the daily workout in 9'25". I followed that with carries for 200 yds(clean, snatch and farmers positions). Next were towel kettlebell swings sideways steps and foward steps. The icing on this workout was 23 pull ups, the last five there was some kip involved.
I'll be there tomorrow for another glorious camp.
Brian M
'I wanna be a navy diver(sung)