Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Try this

Pick three kettlebells or dumbbells of different weights.
Start at the heaviest and one-arm high-pull yourself down the chain until you reach the lightest bell. Start again at the top with your other arm. Once your done that arm perform push-ups for teh total number of high-pulls. For example:

32kg x5 /5
24kg x 5/5
16kg x 5 /5

Push-ups x 30

32kg x 4/4
24kg x 4 /4
16kg x 4 /4

Push-ups x 24

32kg x 3/3
24kg x3/3
16kg 3/3

Push-ups x 18

32kg x 2/2
24kg x2/2
16kg x2/2

Push-ups x12

32kg x1/1
24kg x 1/1
16 kg 1x1

Push-ups x 6


CrossFitCS said...

Hi the picture and the workout.

one question, are those wooden plates on the bar??

Jason C. Brown said...

Yes. It's Jerry Hill's bar. Nice design, home-made bumper plates.

Jeff said...

Note to self: WOD's are much more enjoyable WITHOUT a hangover.

With that being said, I decided to go kinda light with the weight, and focus on maintaing good form.

45/35/25 as RX'd- 8:34

Thanks for the workout Jason

brian said...

What's a one arm high-pull?

CrossFitCS said...

how easy are those wooden bumpers to make..?

Jason C. Brown said...


Go here and scroll down:

Just perform it with one arm.


No idea. It doesn't look that hard to do. I'll ask Jerry for you or maybe he'll chime in here. They work great.

Jerry Hill said...

I had my local lumber guys put it together for me - I am a city-boy, no tools of the trade.

They wound up gluing together two pieces - they lasted 5 years in a commercial gym have been outside in my backyard for the past year.
They charged me 40 bucks, so I imagine it would be cheap to do on your own.


Jason C. Brown said...

Thanks Jerry,

Great work on those muscle -ups on Sat. Very impressive.

CrossFitCS said...

Thanks Jerry I'll try and do it myself ( this should be interesting!!)

Zach Even - Esh said...

dam duder, you LOVE high pulls! see you tuesday jason c Brown, ready to rock baby!