Monday, August 01, 2005

Crossfit is alive in the City of Brotherly Love

It's been a long time coming but Crossfit Philly is finally happening. On August 20th there will be a group workout and BBQ down at FDR Park on I-95 and Patterson Ave. Everything starts around 9 a.m. Bring plenty of water and a good amount of grit.

Training tools are covered but you may want to bring some more food.


John.Messano said...

Congratulations! Well done, Jason! See you on the 20th!

Jerry Hill said...

Nice Jason!

Bobby said...

I will not be around on the 20th. Will this be a weekly event?

Zach Even - Esh said...

Jason C Brown is in the hizzle fashizzle baby!

have fun guys, I'll be coming down to a CF Philly bash one day soon, how could I miss training w/my homeboy Jason C Brown :)

--zach :)

Darren Ruth said...

No wonder I haven't heard from you lately, you've been busy getting this going. Congrats! I'll see you on the 20th.