Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today's WOD.

20 Hand to Hand Swings
20 Push-ups
18 Hand to Hand Swings
18 Push-ups
16 Hand to Hand Swings
16 Push-ups
14 Hand to Hand Swings 1
14 Push-ups
12 Hand to Hand Swings
12 Push-ups
10 Hand to Hand Swings
10 Push-ups
8 Hand to Hand Swings
8 Pushups
6 hand to Hand Swings
6 Push-ups
4 Hand to Hand Swings
4 Push-ups
2 Hand to Hand Swings
2 Push-ups.

Post time to comments. Average time is 6:00 minutes.


Pamela MacElree said...
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Pamela MacElree said...


Then 163 squats in 5:00.

Zach Even - Esh said...

I'll try that WOD soon dude, looks good

what weight was your KB for the swings?

I'm gonna try a WOD with sledge hammer hits and 1 arm kb snatches - that oughtta be a good one :)

Dude, post some pics of your training, and get me in there also, I'm a good lookin' guy! ha ha

U da man Jason C Brown! Keep on keepin' on brudda!


Pamela MacElree said...

Yeah, so I guess I should have mentioned the KB weight from yesterday. 20kg.

Tonight's Workout

Overhead Squats 15@45lbs; 15@65lbs; 15@75lbs
Tactical Lunges 7min 60s on 30s off
Double Clean and MP 16kg KB 4 x 5
Double Front Squats 20kg KB 3 x 10
Barbell Cleans 20@45lbs; 15@50lbs; 10@55lbs

Chase Derbin said...

My name is Chase Derbin, I just started doing cross fit and think its one of the best workouts i've done in years. Hopefully someone will answer this. I want to make the workout session this saturday (the 20th), but have prior engagments throughout the day. Does anyone go to group workouts on a weekly or daily basis?

Pamela MacElree said...


The goal is to start group workouts, at least, on a weekly basis. In the meantime keep up the WOD and the hard work.

Kaplan said...

My name is matt Just moved to Philly from LV did crossfit there and want to continue. Email me with more info