Sunday, April 08, 2007

And the outcome...

Sharon hit the 200 mark on her 12kg snatches with more than 2 minutes to spare on the clock so she kept going for more, finishing with 247. She'll be back for the muscle up.
Jay came all the way down from the Poconos to hang out for the morning, just missing his 200 mark on the snatches, but giving him another good reason to visit Philadelphia in a few months.
The Great One came in dressed for social hour not ready to workout, but she pulled off a wall sit that was only a few seconds shy of 5 minutes, her goal was 4 minutes. She did get in 6 pull ups beforehand, they just weren't consecutive, so we won't count them.
Carnage checked in and out a few hours early with a doctor's note from excessive travel.
Pamela pulled off a 113lb BB snatch but missed the 126lb. 250 push ups completed with time to spare on the clock.
Jason was coming off an injury that did not allow him to test.

No WOD, just rest.


Jay Mills said...

My forearms still hurt.

Happy Easter everyone.

I'd still like to know Sharon's secret to no sweating

Pamela MacElree said...

And when I woke up on Saturday morning and sneezed my abs were screaming at me! Maybe worse today.

I don't know Jay, I still haven't figured out Sharon's secret.

See you soon.

Sam L said...

Good work all! I am next...